Our Story

Exquisite lighting for sustainable design 

We, 0 design, believe that sustainable design is a story about simplicity and long-term convenience. But it doesn`t mean you have to settle. You still have the freedom to choose exceptional taste. You still have the freedom to choose yourself. 

We care about your choices. As well we care about the environment. We created exquisite, sustainable recycled paper lamps for every taste – so you could always choose quality over quantity.



With 0 design you could always choose a design adjustable to your passions and needs over time. 0 design recycled paper lamps story is about handmade quality and the balance that is somewhere between simplicity and extraordinary.

Our values

0 design recycled paper lamps are created with love and care for human beings and the environment. We feel like successful design elements should serve us, not the other way around. 

It hurts us to see the waste of the things that becomes unnecessary. Most of those are making an impact on the environment and our future. In such a creative world like ours, we have a choice to live differently. That’s why 0 design created sustainable recycled paper lamps. What makes them special? These beautifully designed products don`t have to become a waste. Ever.

We want to make a change! Do you? We hear you! 

0 design handmade lamps will bring in more than just a light. Our recycled products will tell a story fulfilled with care for nature and passion for design. 



Every handmade flower and leaf pattern on the inside of the lamp symbolizes the vitality of the light. Every recycled material symbolizes the viability light carries over time.


Our sustainable recycled paper lamps are created with an idea of the future. We want to make a difference, so we choose only recycled and natural materials to reduce the waste impact on mother nature.  


0 design handmade recycled paper lamps are a sustainable foundation for starting fresh. We believe change does not mean giving up on yourself and things you care. On the contrary, it is a way to find yourself again. If you are on your new path, we will be delighted to be there for you. Bring your old paper lamp, and we will recycle it again, so it can continue to delight you in a new appearance. 


Recycled paper lamps - designed with love for special details

0 design sustainable paper lamp isn`t just a lamp. It is a designable foundation. It brings light, therefore inspires us to be more awake, more present. 

0 design handmade quality lies in love for unique details. Details that would bring you joy and serve as an outstanding design element for both – minimalism and plentiful design lovers. 

– The base of our sustainable lamp is recycled paper mass covered with debossed flower prints, that are created using silicone mold, which is handmade before using various plants and flowers from Latvian and other countries meadows to create a tasteful floral pattern.

– Paper materials come from printing houses, schools and other facilities, where paper has become a waste. We give it the second breath, by recycling it into a sustainable and tasteful design lamp. 

– We believe simplicity does not necessarily mean monotony. Diversity and colors bring joy, especially when they are created with an idea about sustainability. In coloring process, we use only completely naturalchalk-based colors from a brand “Annia Sloan” – safe for people and the environment. 

– Lamps are powered with textile wires.

When the World is slowing filling up with waste, we, 0 design are searching for a solution to create things without making more waste!